社内の数字Company Figures

HelloRo! I am Fujitsuka, a Marketer in the Business Solutions Division. This page attempts to quantify and summarize information from a perspective of data about all of our employees in various items for everyone who wishes to know more about oRo and to work here.

社員の男女比Male-to-Female Employee Ratio

  • 一般論になりますが、全業種・大中小企業関係なく、一企業における女性の雇用率は平均30%前後という数字があります。オロも多分にもれず、男女比に関しては“平均的企業”という結果になりましたw ここからは個人的な意見になりますが、オロで活躍する女性社員の多くはバイタリティがあり活き活きとしている感じがします。ただし、女性プログラマの数がほかの職種に比べると少ない気がします。言い換えれば、女性プログラマが活躍できる場があるといえるかと思いますので、我こそはという方は是非ともエントリーしていただきたいです。
  • In general, the employment rate of women in a company is on average around 30%, regardless of whether the firm is small, medium or large and regardless of industry. oRo is also no exception here, so our male-to-female employee ratio can be called average. Although from here is a personal opinion, I feel that the many female employees working at oRo add vitality and liveliness. However, I have a feeling that the number of female programmers is lower compared with other jobs. To put it another way, I think I can say that this is a place where female programmers can work. We are waiting for your entry.

社内に生まれた新しい数字New Figures Created in the Company

  • Oronは、2012年度から導入された福利厚生の新制度名とそこで使用されるポイントの単位を指します。この制度は、社員同士のコミュニケーションの活性化を目的に誕生しました。Oronは、会社から1か月に3 Oronを付与され、大変な仕事を一緒に乗り越えた仲間、夜遅くまで頑張っている後輩、誕生日や結婚・出産のお祝い、小さな挨拶から大きな感謝の代替として使用されています。さらに、仲間からもらったOronは、豪華な景品と交換することもできるんですよ!
  • Oron is the name of the new benefit program system introduced in FY2012 and refers to the units of points in this. This system was established with the aim of stimulating communication between employees. Oron are used as an alternative from a small greeting to a major thanks for a coworker with whom you have worked together to overcome a difficult job, a younger coworker who has worked hard until late at night, a birthday, wedding or birth, with three Oron given by the firm to employees a month. Furthermore, Oron received from colleagues can be also be exchanged for fantastic gifts!

クリアデスクClear Desk

  • オロは、朝礼後15分の全員清掃を行っています。
  • At oRo, there is a corporate culture to cleanup your own desk everyday, within 15 minutes, right after the morning assembly.
    A clean office & desk bring a good feeling and lead to good performance. In each office, there is a staff called "Clean Master" who is a good example for everyone to follow.
    It seems that desks of Clean Master class staff are always clean.

道産子率(北海道人率)Rate of Employees from Hokkaido

  • 社長をはじめ、各事業本部に北海道出身者が多数在籍しています。年に1度、「北海道会」なる飲み会も東京本社で開催されているそうです。道産子はいまや一大勢力となっていますw ついでにいうと、次なる勢力は神奈川県人です。北海道人がこんなに多い理由は、もしかすると北海道人採用枠があるのでは…!?とか、北海道支社があるからでは!?という噂を耳にしたことがあります。でもこれはあくまで噂。オロの都市伝説みたいなものでしょう。
  • There are a large number of people from Hokkaido who are with the firm in each division, including the CEO. I hear that there is a party held each year at the Tokyo Head Office which is in effect a "Hokkaido Meeting." People from Hokkaido have now become a major force in the company! Incidentally, the next biggest grouping of people comes from Kanagawa Prefecture. I have heard various rumors to explain why there is such a large number of people from Hokkaido at oRo. "Maybe there is a quota to employ people from Hokkaido?" "It must be because there is a branch office in Hokkaido." However, these are only rumors. It seems that this is like an urban legend of oRo.

新卒とキャリアの比率New Graduate Recruits and Career Recruits

  • 現時点では、キャリア採用で入社した社員のほうが多いようです。スピードを求められるベンチャー企業にとって即戦力はマストになりますので、その辺が反映された数字かもしれません。ただし、年々新卒採用での採用者数を増やし、バランスの良い企業規模の拡大を図っていますので、この数字も数年後には逆転するでしょう。
  • At the present point in time, it seems that more employees have joined the company as career recruits. Employees who can be effective immediately is necessary for venture companies requesting speed, so this may be reflected in this figure. However, the number of new graduates recruited is increasing every year and we are looking for expansion company-wide with a good balance, so this figure will also no doubt be reversed within a few years.

既婚率Percentage of Married People

  • 会社主催の花火大会などのイベントでは家族全員で参加するスタッフも増えてきました。社内結婚もあるとかないとか。。
  • The number of staff who attend company-sponsored events such as fireworks show and etc. with their family has been steadily increasing. It is said that some of the staff are married to their colleague.

クラブ・同好会活動数Number of Club/Association Activities

  • オロは、クラブ活動も非常に盛んです。野球部やフットサル部、バスケットボール部のような運動系だけではなく、リアル脱出ゲーム部などの部活も。やはり日中はデスクでパソコンに向かう仕事が多いせいか、休日はみんなで体を動かしたいという社員が多いようです。もちろん、のんびりとした文系クラブも存在します。また、自身で部活を立ち上げることもでき、承認されると福利厚生の一環として会社が部活動を支援してくれます。
  • Club activities are also extremely popular at oRo. In particular, the Baseball Club and Futsal Club are very active. Also there are club activities such as Real-life Room Escape Game Club and etc. Maybe because many jobs involve sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day, it appears that many employees spend their days off with a desire to move their bodies. Of course, there are also laid-back liberal arts clubs. In addition, it is also possible to launch a club by yourself and the firm will support its activities as part of our benefit program after it has been officially recognized.