待遇・福利厚生・人事・教育制度Working Conditions and Benefits

待遇・福利厚生・人事・教育制 Working Conditions and Benefits
Working Conditions
【Tokyo Headquarters】Monthly Salary: 240,000 yen
【Nishinihon Branch Office】Monthly Salary: 210,000 yen
待遇Working Conditions
昇給年2回(1月・7月) / 賞与年2回(7月・12月) / 決算賞与(業績に応じて) / 通勤手当(実費分支給。月3万円まで) / 残業手当(みなし残業45時間分は基本給に含む。超過分を支給) / 清掃手当(営業日8:30~9:30に行われる社内清掃業務に対する手当) / 外勤手当 / 扶養手当 / 出張手当 / 単身赴任手当 / 技能・資格手当(TOEIC850点以上・中国語検定 HSK6級以上もしくは準一級以上取得で月1万円 ※当該成績・結果を取得した月から2年間)
Salary raise once a year (January and July) / Bonus paid twice a year (July and December) / Performance bonus (based on results) / Travel allowance (paid on actual expenses; up to 30,000 yen per month) / Overtime pay (overtime of 45 hours is included in the base salary; excess time is paid) / Cleaning allowance (an allowance for cleaning in the company that takes place from 8:30 to 9:30 on working days) / Outside work allowance / Support allowance / Business trip allowance / Unaccompanied duty allowance / Capability and Qualification Allowance (TOEIC score holders of 850 and above, Chinese Proficiency Test/ HSK rank holders of Pre-First Grade/ Sixth Grade and above will receive 10,000 yen per month.) *Valid for scores within 2 years from month of acquisition
休日休暇Days Off and Holidays
完全週休2日制(土・日) / 祝日 / GW / 夏季休暇(5日:6~10月の間で取得できます) / 年末年始休暇 / 有給休暇(初年度10日間) / 特別休暇(入籍から半年以内に5日間付与) / 慶弔休暇 / 生理休暇
Two days off per week (Saturdays and Sundays) / National holidays / Golden Week (holiday at the end of April/beginning of May) / Summer vacation (5 days: It is possible to take these from June to October) / Year-end and New Year's holidays / Paid vacation (10 days in the initial year of employment) / Special holiday (5 days holiday granted within half a year from getting married) / Congratulation or condolence leave / Menstrual leave
Benefit Program
各種社会保険Social Insurance
各種社会保険完備 - 雇用保険、労災保険、健康保険(関東ITソフトウェア健保組合)、厚生年金
Full social insurance: Employment insurance, worker's accident insurance, health insurance (Kanto ITS Kenpo) and welfare pension
各種保養施設Recreation Facilities
It is possible to use various facilities at health insurance union member prices. These include recreational facilities (e.g. hot springs and hotels), sports facilities, athletic facilities, golf courses, restaurants and travel packages.
教育研修奨励金制度Education and Training Subsidy Program
This is a program in which the company pays the fees for external training undertaken by employees on a voluntary basis. *It is a requirement to continue with your employment for a certain period of time after the course. This program is for those who have been with the company for at least three months.
資格一時金制度Qualification Bonus Program
This is a program in which the company pays the lesson fees and a bonus when you gain certain applicable qualifications, such as the IT passport and bookkeeping. (There are more than 40 applicable qualifications in a variety of fields.)
同好会制度Club Program
This is a program in which the firm provides support for the activity fees of company-recognized clubs. The list of active clubs includes basketball, futsal, baseball and tennis.
Evaluation and Career Path Program
キャリアトランスファー制度Career Transfer Program
This is a program in which it is possible to transfer to another post with a personal statement in order to work without mismatch and achieve your assertive career plan. oRo actively supports the self-realization of the dreams and career plans of our employees.
Education Program
入社後After Joining
(1) Basic training
(2) Newcomer training by job
社内研修In-house Training
簿記2・3級講座、セキュアプログラミング講座、ソフトウェア技術研修、 VS.NET最新技術紹介講座、マーケティング実践講座、危機管理広報セミナー、 データ中心アプローチ設計講座、初級シスアド取得講座、WEB広告プランニング講座、Androidアプリ講座、iPhoneアプリ講座、HTML5講座(開発編、クリエイティブ編)、WEB開発講座、アートディレクター養成講座、くらべてわかる現場のデザイン講座、WEB&広告プランニング講座、コピーに学ぶクリエイティブの考え方講座、中国語講座などを開催。各自、自主的に勉強しています。
The company conducts a variety of training sessions: The Bookkeeping Grade 2/3 Course, Secure Programming Course, Software Technology Research, VS.NET Latest Technology Introduction Course, Marketing Implementation Course, Crisis Management PR Seminar, Data Focused Approach Design Course, Introduction to Systems Administration Course, Web Advertising Planning Course, Android Application Course, iPhone Application Course, HTML5 Course (Development/Creative), Web Development Course, Art Director Development Course, Designing Sites by Understanding with Comparison, Web & Advertising Planning Course, Concept of Creative Learning with Copywriting Course, Chinese Language Course and more. It is possible for each individual to study these courses on a voluntary basis.
外部研修External Training
It is possible to attend external seminars with the company bearing the costs. It is intended that you will share what you learn in workshops and improve the skills of employees throughout the entire company.
*Please refer to the Benefit Program for more details.
海外赴任立候補制度Overseas Assignment Volunteer System
This is a one to two-year-program in which it is possible for persons who want to work overseas to have experiences in foreign countries through work and daily lives, aiming at the cultivation of global human resources.