オロを支えるエンジニア Skilled Engineers of oRo


oRo's goal is to build a world-class company. To realize this goal, we need the efforts of engineers who support our products. At oRo, engineers from a variety of backgrounds actively work to improve technology with a spirit of challenge based on their own decisions.

エンジニアの環境Environments for Engineers

  • MariaDB
WebではRuby、Ruby on Rails、MariaDBをメインの技術とし、バージョンは常に最新の物を採用しています。
Development languages
Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and MariaDB are used as main technologies for Web projects, and we always adopt the latest versions.
Development environments are created using Vagrant and Chef, and Capistrano is used for deployment.
Besides Web projects, we handle a wide variety of other projects for which we select appropriate technologies.
  • PC/サーバー環境
エンジニアには担当する技術によってある程度PCのOS/スペックの選択権が与えられておりMacBook Pro Retina メモリ16G SSD 256G + 別ディスプレイという構成を使用しているエンジニアが多いです。
PC & server environments
Engineers have a certain degree of freedom to select the OS and specifications of their own PCs depending on the technology in use. Many engineers use Retina MacBook Pros having 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD attached to an external display.
Also, the company has multiple KVM servers, and developers are given free access to these servers for configuration testing, new OS verification, and so on.
  • sqwiggle
  • HipChat
Information sharing tools

We use GitHub for version control; GoogleApps for e-mail and file sharing; and Hipchat, Sqwiggle (to ensure smooth work with engineers at overseas offices), and others for chat.
To maintain modern environments, engineers take leadership in developing their own environments.
In addition, because engineers sit next to each other, the office environment allows engineers to communicate with each other without leaving their seats.

  • AngularJS
  • Visual Studio
全員VisualStudioを使って開発を行っています。バックエンドにASP(VBScript)、ASP.NET(C#)、SQL Server。フロントエンドはHTML + jQueryを使っています。最近はフロントエンドでTypeScript + AngularJSを採用し始めていて、一部の画面から作り変えを進めています。
Development languages
All members use Visual Studio for development. We use ASP (VBScript), ASP.NET (C#), and SQL Server for the backend, and HTML + jQuery for the frontend. We recently began to adopt TypeScript + AngularJS for the frontend and have started to remake some screens.
For ZAC, dozens of engineers are committed to the same product; thus, we realize a consistent development style using a full-stack framework like AngularJS.
  • PC/サーバー環境
VisualStudioでの開発になるため、Windowsマシンを使用します。デスクトップでデュアルディスプレイ構成にしているメンバーが多数です。(外出するメンバーは、ノートPC + 別ディスプレイです。)
PC & server environments
We use Windows machines because we are using Visual Studio for development. Many team members use desktop PCs in a dual display configuration. (Team members who visit clients use laptop PCs attached to external displays.)
Servers for verification are installed in a data center and controlled via remote access.
  • sqwiggle
  • slack
コミュニケーションはGoogleAppsのGmailやGoogle Driveでやりとりし、遠隔地での会議はSkype、チャットはSlackを使用しています。海外拠点のエンジニアと距離を感じさせないようにsqwiggleを使うこともあります。
Information sharing tools

We are in the middle of moving from TFS to Git for version control, and we are deploying Gitlab for Git management. We collect know-how not only on source management but also development on the Gitlab Wiki.
We use Google Apps for Gmail and Google Drive for exchanging files, Skype for meetings with people in remote locations, and Slack for chat.
We sometimes use Sqwiggle to alleviate the distance felt by engineers at overseas offices.

海外拠点との共同開発Joint development with overseas offices


ZAC, ReformaPSA, and Web applications are developed in cooperation with team members in overseas offices. We have a development organization with 38 engineers in Dalian and 30 engineers in Vietnam, and we sometimes use English in the processes from development to testing. We normally use Sqwiggle and other software for communication, and we sometimes go on business trips to Vietnam and Dalian for technology training and support. We continuously make efforts to improve our development environment to facilitate work with engineers in overseas offices.

エンジニアインタビューEngineer Interview

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A ZAC R&D team leader with multiple skills, including development of business systems and smartphone apps, who has recently become interested in AngularJS-related events.

Q1 得意な技術を教えてください。
Tell us about your strengths in terms of skills.
Recently, I have become interested in AngularJS-related events and talks, so I am quite knowledgeable about frontend technologies. I like WebSocket, WebRTC, and other network-related technologies as well. I use C to implement the initial WebSocket specifications into iOS apps, combine Arduino with Web-based radio control operation, play with eye trackers, and so on. I also like to work with the backend, such as infrastructure and server-side technology. I think my interest in various technologies helps me at work as well.
Q2 普段どんな仕事をしていますか?
研究開発チームのリーダーをしています。新機能の提案や設計、バックエンド開発(SQLServer + ASP.NET(C#))、フロントエンド開発(TypeScript + AngularJS)を中心に、エンジニアの開発効率を高めるためにGitlabやJenkins、Slackを組み合わせて品質や開発速度を高めたり、ZACほどの規模になると運用部と開発部が協力して付加価値を提供することが絶対に必要なので、DevOpsを実現する仕組み作りを進めています。
What kind of work do you usually do?
I am an R&D team leader, which means I am mainly involved in proposals and design of new functions, backend development (SQLServer + ASP.NET (C#)), and frontend development (TypeScript + AngularJS). I also try to improve quality and development speed by combining Gitlab, Jenkins, and Slack to increase engineers' development efficiency. In addition, I am working to create a framework to realize DevOps because cooperation between the operations and development departments is required to provide added value for a system as large-scale as ZAC.
Q3 今後、オロで実現したいことはなんですか?
What would you like to realize at oRo?
There are basically two things. First, I want to create a cross-company engineer community that serves as a casual place for exchanging information among engineers, especially to learn what issues are faced by other companies involved in enterprise-related development and how they resolve such issues. I am now actively participating in events and creating opportunities for talks to exchange information.
Second, I want to establish a new, sustainable business division. We have two core divisions: BS (ZAC) and CD (mainly Web development), but I would like to encourage young engineers to create new services and introduce them to the world. To do so, we must develop a successful case study for new business. I want to create new services and make them successful based on the know-how acquired by establishing nicori, oRo's application for smartphone.
Q4 今、気になっている技術について教えてください。
最近は人工知能に関する技術に強い興味があって、ニューラルネットワークやDeep Learningに関して情報をあさっています。IT技術は人間の工数を最小限にするために利用されていますが、理想は人間が何もしなくても良くなることだと思います。ZAC内の情報をもとに、次の最適な行動を提案してくれたら、すごく面白いし楽ですよね。ZAC × AIを日々妄想しながら、機能実装を密かに進めています。
What technologies have caught your interest recently?
I recently have developed a strong interest in artificial intelligence-related technologies; I have been going through information on neural networks and Deep Learning. Today, IT technologies are used to minimize man-hours, but it would be ideal if humans did not have to do anything at all. For example, it would be really interesting and easy if appropriate actions were suggested based on the information in ZAC. With the vision of combining ZAC with AI in mind, I am secretly thinking about how to implement such a function.
Q5 エンジニアとして大切にしていることを教えてください。
What is important to you as an engineer?
It is often said that we should reflect the user's perspective. In addition, I also value each team member's perspective. Engineers tend to look at things from a technical perspective, and talk only about technical themes and possibilities, but this may hamper the development of ideas.


A member of the Web system team who works extensively in areas from server infrastructure design to development and was recently involved in creating a large-scale EC site.

Q1 得意な技術を教えてください。
Tell us about your strengths in terms of skills.
I prefer MariaDB to Postgre, and I like to do development with statically-typed languages such as Scala or Haskell. I don't know if I am good at it, though.
I like zsh as a shell, and I'm more interested in intelliJ than emacs as an editor.
Q2 普段どんな仕事をしていますか?
What kind of work do you usually do?
I basically provide support for engineers. Recently, my activities have included assisting new team members, setting up a peripheral environment (GitHub, etc.), promoting the creation of environments using Vagrant and Chef, and deploying new middleware. In addition, I do a variety of client work, from requirements definition to development, server infrastructure design, construction, and so on.
Q3 今後、オロで実現したいことはなんですか?
What would you like to realize at oRo?
oRo is not yet widely recognized by engineers. I would like to develop oRo into a company where each of its engineers can be proud to be an engineer there.
Q4 今、気になっている技術について教えてください。
What technologies have caught your interest recently?
I am interested in interactive communication-related technologies. Though these technologies already exist, I think further development and new implementation methods can be found based on the increase in the number of examples, expansion of scale, and diversity of use associated with Web development.
Q5 エンジニアとして大切にしていることを教えてください。
What is important to you as an engineer?
It is important to keep learning, which is my basic attitude.
Being an engineer means staying in pursuit of new development, not that you currently have knowledge.


In charge of ZAC Technology, an expert engineer with skills related to browsers, servers, and infrastructure who just became the father of a baby girl.

Q1 得意な技術を教えてください。
Tell us about your strengths in terms of skills.
I like to think about how to achieve the goals I need to reach. Obviously, I love it when everything happens as I hope, but I also enjoy considering alternate approaches as I look for solutions to problems.
Q2 普段どんな仕事をしていますか?
What kind of work do you usually do?
At the Business Solutions Division, I mostly handle ZAC development; my work focuses on groupware functions. As an engineer responsible for ZAC, I also select technologies to use and supervise courses of action.
Q3 今後、オロで実現したいことはなんですか?
What would you like to realize at oRo?
I would like everyone around the world to use oRo's products. The more users we have, the more we can improve the products. Using better products will result in joy and happiness spreading to more people.
Q4 今、気になっている技術について教えてください。
What technologies have caught your interest recently?
I am very interested in how to obtain and handle large volumes of data. The diffusion of the Internet of Things will make it possible to obtain large volumes of data from various devices, and this data can be used to obtain information that was not directly entered by someone else. It will also become possible for computers to understand context and handle it appropriately.
Q5 エンジニアとして大切にしていることを教えてください。
What is important to you as an engineer?
To enjoy making things and to create products that allow other people to enjoy making things.
  • Ayumi Goto 後藤 歩 Hyper Media Programmer
  • Toshiki Kurokawa 黒河 俊樹 Software Engineer
  • Satoshi Funatsu 船津 聡 Programmer

福利厚生・教育制度Benefit Program, Training Program

Overseas Assignment Volunteer System
This program was established in order to train staff members in the skills necessary to work at a global level by allowing them to experience life and work overseas. Staff members may volunteer to be transferred to the Vietnam and China offices.
Education and Training Scholarship Program
It is possible to have the company bear the cost of attending seminars offered outside the company. Technology-related study sessions are held regularly to provide information and improve employee skills.


  • ・ハードウェアに関する最新技術
  • ・IoTに関する最新技術
  • ・クライアントサイド、サーバーサイド最新技術
  • ・人工知能に関する研究

Engineer Session

  • ・The latest hardware technology
  • ・The latest IoT technology
  • ・The latest client- and server-side technologies
  • ・Research on artificial intelligence

募集要項Recruiting Information

仕事内容 Job Description
  • ・Webサービスの開発
  • ・iOS/Androidのネイティブアプリ開発
  • ・ZAC Enterpriseの研究開発
  • ・Web service development
  • ・iOS/Android native app development
  • ・Research and development of ZAC Enterprise
歓迎するスキル Skills We Welcome
  • ・PHP、Rubyなどでの開発経験
  • ・JavaScriptを使った開発経験
  • ・Objective-C/Javaでの開発経験
  • ・Webサービス開発、アプリ開発が好きなこと
  • ・大規模サービスの運用、開発経験
  • ・インフラ構築経験
  • ・開発フローの整備や、導入経験
  • ・PHP, Ruby, etc. development experience
  • ・JavaScript development experience
  • ・Objective-C/Java development experience
  • ・Must love Web service and app development
  • ・Experience in the development and operation of large-scale services
  • ・Experience with infrastructure construction
  • ・Experience with deployment and maintenance in development workflows
勤務地 Work Location

東京都目黒区目黒3-9-1 目黒須田ビル

Meguro Suda Bldg., 5F, 3-9-1, Meguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo