Growing our company into one we can proudly present to the world

Since its inception, oRo's goal has been to "deliver more happiness and joy, and grow into a world-class company." Although the definition of "happiness and joy" greatly varies depending on each person's values, I believe that this is formed naturally if we put sincere efforts into what is essentially good. Our company has also focused on launching international sites in line with our policy of becoming a global company.

Companies must seriously work on compliance and corporate management in order to keep playing an important role in the global business environment. In fact, only companies that manage themselves in a sincere manner produce successful results. Through our business system creation services, we will not only support our clients in building management systems but also further strengthen our own management framework.

Growing our company into one we can proudly present to the world

In all business types and industries, technological innovation will produce completely new behavioral (winning) patterns. Our strength is in collecting information, learning, studying, and continuing to improve our technological capabilities while facing toward the future amid such technological innovation. Taking advantage of our strengths, we hope to continue producing innovative products and services. However, technological capabilities alone cannot make a solution complete. As a "thinking company," oRo will combine technology and creativity to offer new value. Also, by continuing to implement and improve the solutions we produce after long periods of brain storming, we strengthen our company so that we can offer high quality strategic proposals, planning, implementation, and management.

I am taking this opportunity to look back with happiness and joy over the growth of the company, employees, and myself since oRo's establishment in 1999. We owe our steady growth to a large number people and entities including our clients and employees. I would like to express my gratitude and also ask for your continued support.

Atsushi Kawata, CEO