Corporate Philosophy

With the commitment of all employees in creating what they can proudly present to the world (namely our organization with its products, and services), oRo's goal is to continue to deliver more happiness and joy to more people (coworkers, families, business partners, shareholders and society), and lead all our employees to self-fulfillment through our efforts to achieve this goal.

Activity Guidelines

  1. 1About the Activity Guidelines
    These Activity Guidelines describe oRo's basic approach.
    We all must fully understand them as guidelines for our own activities.
    We will read them repeatedly and consider their meaning every day until we are completely familiar with them.
  2. 2Establishment of Relationships of Trust
    We serve our coworkers, families, business partners, shareholders, and society, and will never let them down. We should all consider what the right thing to do is as people.
    Relationships of trust can be created only when we put ourselves in the other person's shoes.
  3. 3Be Grateful
    All our activities should be accompanied by a sense of gratitude. Even in challenging circumstances,
    we should be flexible enough to find something to be grateful for.
  4. 4Positive Thinking
    We will all stay cheerful and keep a positive attitude. Instead of worrying too much, we will explore solutions.
    We must train ourselves to turn negative events into positive experiences. We will help one other to energetically overcome any difficulty.
  5. 5Never Give Up
    No matter how bad a situation is, we must keep fighting all the way.
    Things will turn around if we do not give up our passion and action.
    No one wants be given up on.
  6. 6Reflection and Improvement
    Reflecting on daily activities allows us to find points of improvement.
    We will all closely watch out for issues within our company.
    We must review, reflect on, and improve our own activities while placing ourselves in the other person's shoes.
  7. 7Find Happiness in Growth
    Personal and organizational growth is an essential ingredient of happiness.
    Tackling new challenges will enable us to grow.
    We can experience dramatic growth, including spiritual growth and the joy of achievement, when we overcome major difficulties by exerting ourselves to the utmost.
  8. 8Stay Humble
    We will always be humble and show others respect.
    No words or actions are necessary to show the differences in terms of skill and position; they are formed naturally.
    Accepting such differences, we fully believe in the merit system and will fulfil the responsibilities corresponding to our positions in line with our roles.
  9. 9Don't Criticize, but Suggest Improvements Ideas
    You can never persuade anyone by criticizing him or her. Respect others and suggest ideas for improvement.
  10. 10Profit to All
    Let's think how we can provide happiness and joy to all those who we have relationships with.
    It is important to make our coworkers, families, business partners, shareholders, and society happy, all at the same time.
    Their happiness never has to contradict each other.
  11. 11Profits and Rewards
    Valuable work will bring profits and happiness to all interested parties.
    Rewards are the result of making many people happy.
    No organizations or individuals can grow without such profits and rewards.
  12. 12Always Aim to Be No.1
    For both individuals and organizations, it is important to keep aiming to be No. 1.
    We will all work hard to be able to tell our customers to leave everything with us in our areas.