Corporate Environmental Policies
  • Basic Principle

    At oRo Co., Ltd. we are committed to safeguarding the environment to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and to pass a healthy and beautiful global environment on to the next generation.

  • Environmental Policies

    Our key mission is being actively engaged in terms of environmental friendliness, resource saving, and energy saving through business activities. We conduct environmental preservation as a single company.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Treaties
    We will comply with environment-related laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements and strive to protect the environment.
  2. Goal and Target Setting, and Continuous Improvement
    We will set goals and targets for environmental preservation and strive to achieve them. We will also review these goals and targets on a regular basis in order to continuously improve our environmental management system.
  3. Promotion of Resource and Energy Saving and Prevention of Environmental Pollution
    We will treat our environmental protection activities and business activities equally in order to promote the saving of resources and energy, as well as to prevent environmental pollution.
  4. Awareness Raising
    We will document our Environmental Policies to promote the understanding and actions of all employees and business partners and will engage in awareness raising activities such as environmental education.
  5. Publicizing our Environmental Policies
    We will ensure that all employees understand our Environmental Policies and raise their awareness through environmental education. We will also post these Policies on our website in order that third parties may view them as well.
Our "Fun to Share" Declaration

"Creating a Low Carbon Society by Reducing CO2 Emissions per Production Unit"

As a member of the Challenge 25 Campaign, a grass-roots anti-global warming initiative, we have promoted the implementation of anti-global warming measures. As the campaign was renewed as the Fun to Share program, we as a program member will work to create a low carbon society.

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