oRo promotes the use of social media to improve services and establish a relationship with society.
The following policy has been established to help you understand the advantageous and disadvantageous characteristics of social media and how to make the maximum use of them:

  1. Handling of Personal Information and Confidential Information
    Under no circumstance should you disclose any personal information as defined in the Privacy Policy, or any confidential or customer information obtained during the course of businesses.
  2. Remarks Detrimental to Business Partners or oRo
    You should avoid making any remarks that would be detrimental to our business partners or oRo. You should also refrain from making any remarks that would result in disadvantage to our business partners in any way even it does not directly refer to them.
    If any service offered by oRo has any defect or any mistake is pointed out in your statement, you should accept the matter sincerely and try to respond to it good faith.
  3. Illegal Contents and Malicious Slander
    Do not post or distribute any illegal content. In addition, you may not conduct any groundless act of malicious slander, whether you are doing so about an individual or organization.
  4. Sensible Use of Social Media
    All communication, not just that via social media, involves real people on the other side.
    You should remember that social media is communication among people and strive to communicate honestly and with common sense.
  5. oRo's Official Social Media Accounts

    This is a list of oRo's official social media accounts.
    These accounts are subject to addition or deletion without notice.

    This is the corporate account for oRo Co., Ltd. It delivers messages about what is happening at oRo.

In case of any inconsistency between the Japanese version and the English version in our website, the Japanese version prevails.