Material Issues

Business,Human Resources,Environment

Process for identifying material issues

In identifying our material issues, we assessed each of the items in the internationally recognized SASB and GRI standards and ISO26000 in terms of the degree of their impact on us and on our stakeholders. Of the issues that have a high degree of impact, we extracted the topics discussed in each item to identify the three categories of material issues: Business, Human Resources, and Environment.


We aspire to contribute to resolving social issues through its business activities in a bid to realize our corporate philosophy of delivering more happiness and joy to more people (co-workers, families, business partners, shareholders, and society).

The Cloud Solutions segment pursues a mission to raise the productivity of white-collar workers so that it can contribute to the improvement of labor productivity in Japan’s non-manufacturing sector. To fulfill this mission, it has helped our clients to make their management more visible and operations more efficient by providing IT solutions, including cloud ERPs.

The Digital Transformation segment pursues a mission to deliver quality products and services to those who truly need them so that it can contribute to society by spreading the products and services acceptable to society by establishing more service provider-user relationships with clients by drawing on the power of digitalization.

Human Resources

Our medium- to long-term growth is driven by human resources. We believe we can add higher value to our services through creating opportunities to sophisticated and diverse human resources.

For this reason, recruiting diverse talents and developing and retaining them is one of material issues we should address.


For us to become a company that delivers more happiness and joy to more people, we have to fulfill responsibilities not only for co-workers, their families, business partners, and shareholders, but also for society at large.

Given the growing societal interest in environmental issues, we recognize that we should prioritize them for us to deliver more happiness and joy tomore people as a public instrument of society.