Sustainability Policy

Message from CEO

Message from CEO Message from CEO

Our corporate philosophy is to become a company that creates what it can proudly present to the world and delivers more happiness and joy to more people.

To achieve this philosophy, we currently operate business in the following two segments: Cloud Solutions segment and Digital Transformation segment, thereby addressing social issues through these businesses.

In the Cloud Solutions segments, under its mission to raise the productivity of white-collar workers, we have aimed to help client companies improve their productivity. Specifically, we provide our clients with IT solutions, including cloud ERPs, to help them to make their management more visible and operations more efficient.

In the Digital Transformation segments, under its mission to deliver quality products and services to those who truly need them, we have aimed to spread products and services acceptable to society by establishing relationships with clients by the power of digitalization.

To drive our sustainability initiatives further down the road, we have set up the Sustainability Committee and identified material issues in the following three categories with a high degree of impact on us and our stakeholders: Business, Human Resources, and Environment.

We would start by setting goals for these materiality categories, developing specific measures and KPIs. Then we would implement specific measures in phases.

To deliver more happiness and joy to more people, we need to develop and maintain a better social environment, which we believe is essential to achieving a sustainable society.
Recently, we are faced with a variety of social and environmental issues that are posing threat to a sustainable society. Such issues include increased severity of natural disasters, decline in biodiversity, depletion of natural resources, expansion of economic disparity, and infringement of human rights. We feel that businesses are in a greater responsibility to resolve these issues.

We operate our business while keeping in mind our contribution to the above issues, so that we can provide new values to the world and contribute to achieving a sustainable society by combining our technologies and creativity.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.

Representative Director, President and CEO 川田 篤

Sustainability Policy

ORO is committed in its corporate philosophy to creating what it can proudly present to the world and delivering more happiness and joy to more people.

To realize this philosophy, we believe that it is important to build a sustainable society in alignment with achieving our own sustainable growth.

We will contribute to building a sustainable society through corporate activities by combining our technologies and creativity.


Realizing our corporate philosophy requires our own sustainable growth in the first place.
Our growth cannot be achieved without delivering more happiness and joy to co-workers, families, business partners, shareholders, and society at large.

For this reason, ORO will engage in corporate activities to realize its corporate philosophy by aligning its initiatives for the three materiality categories of Business, Human Resources, and Environment from the perspective of sustainability, while monitoring the progress of these initiatives.